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   Fun to watch this stuff and it still holds up after all this time. I like when Cruz catches me talking to myself in the hospital. Its just quirky and offbeat enough to be interesting. Joe Bottoms played the guy with the screw loose, Kirk Cranston. He had been nominated 10 years earlier for an Academy Award as best supporting actor and was a member of a distinguished family of kid actors. He had a dry and wicked sense of humor off stage and I think was only on the show for a one year contract and to make some dough. 
1986 Cabin | Views: 1239 | Added by: Arina | Date: 28.03.2009

   A. is genuinely excellent in this scene. He is very angry with Pearl and that generates the energy that then fuels what follows. It also adds to the Cruz-Pearl relationship and enriches it. What friendship is ever without real confrontation and serious doubt? The audience must come away thinking that maybe this is the end of their alliance and Cruz has had enough of this wise guy. And I think perhaps they do. Some of the staging was at times cumbersome on the show and that can't be avoided. You'll notice that i literally grab Nancy's arm and pull her all the way around with me as I cross stage left to A.
1986 Cabin | Views: 911 | Added by: Arina | Date: 27.03.2009

   I had forgotten about this one and haven't seen it since we shot it that many years ago. What really starts to work here is a nice and easy connection between Pearl and Julia and that connection is made thru simple listening. I made a mistake by not allowing myself to be intimate more often as this character since I was so afraid of the trap of predictable romance on soap operas. I needn't have been so cautious. This is a lovely scene between two people who are both just starting to come out of hiding and Pearl's attention with the flowers is entirely on Julia in that moment by the fire and quite touching.
1986 Cabin | Views: 636 | Added by: Arina | Date: 27.03.2009

   This scene is quirkly like all the stuff between Pearl and Julia but it seems to work. You'll notice that at times while at the table I look away momentarily, as if thinking. In truth I would often have cue words or phrases written and placed off camera so I could use them if I needed to. Just maybe a couple of key words, never whole lines. It actually served two functions; first it kept me going in a scene on a day when I might have too many words to memorize and second, it created an interesting piece of behavior for Pearl as if he was really thinking about something. Nothing worse in a scene than two actors eyeballing one another to death.
1986 Cabin | Views: 1311 | Added by: Arina | Date: 27.03.2009

  I noticed right away that I made an actors choice to jack up the energy in the scene that day. I must of felt that the shooting was slow overall or that the spirit was flagging towards the end of the day. They always had a buffet of candy and fruit laid out on set just prior to cameras rolling in the afternoons after rehearsal and lunch. But if we ran late then all the sugar consumed could cause people to crash round about 6pm., lose energy,get irritable,etc. I never indulged much in that, just drank tea and did Tai Chi on the set to stay loose.Read more...
1986 Cabin | Views: 2894 | Added by: Arina | Date: 22.03.2009

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