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robert: oh that so is so and I must go but do not despair for upon the first light of lazy morn Monday, I shall return with new offerings,counsel and gossips!
Arina: thanks:)
Svetlana: oh, Arina good luck toy you!
Renee: Oh boy! Good luck and have a safe trip
Arina: yes. exams again. for three days
Renee: You have to leave again Arina?
Svetlana: Have a great day Robert
Tracy: Have a wonderful day
robert: I must like a whisper in time or a flake or fog on the blooming rose, float away into spaceless space
Renee: Have a great day!
Arina: I will be back only on Wednesday
Tracy: Ok Robert great that I could come today and talk with you
Renee: Really enjoyed the pics!
Arina: :( it's pity
Renee: I enjoyed chatting with you today Robert!
Arina: I enjoy our chat today. So ... Read more »

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robert: I know and that is good in my opinion. So goodbye all, see you tommorrow, bye,bye!!!
Arina: and we all are your Pearl's girls. remember?
Arina: yes!
Renee: You are our prince Robert!
robert: I would like to be but not this lifetime
Renee: I would have been earlier, but internet problems today!
Arina: we don't usually wait, except for today
robert: I am not a king or prince
robert: don't wait for me
Arina: okay, good luck with your arrands
robert: I am important but i want everyone to talk amongst themselves, it is your site
Renee: LOL!
Renee: Have a great day!
Svetlana: ok
Arina: lol. we try
Renee: Okay Robert, I will be here!
robert: all of you
robert: sure, but I want everyone to know that I don't start the chat, you do
Arina: of course, Robert. By the way, would you like to start the chat later, for example at 8.30?
robert: ... Read more »
Views: 1576 | Added by: Arina | Date: 30.05.2009 | Comments (0)

robert: by Renee, by Svet, blessings
Renee: Bye Robert, blessings to you as well!
Renee: Chat with you soon!
robert: in about 8:30 tommorrow morning, bless you all and keep you
Renee: Bye Robert!
Renee: It's okay Robert, have a great day!
robert: but will be on tommorrow again for a while
robert: looks like I have to go back to work so sorry I am interrupting all of you
Renee: You are welcome :)
Svetlana: I see thank you Renee.
Renee: Either is fine Sveta ok is just a shorter way!
Svetlana: Renee, I have a question is there any difference how to write"ok" ? like "ok" or like "okay" what is better?
Renee: Okay Robert
Renee: Sadly no, just us
robert: excuse a second and sorry to interrupt
robert: anyone new come on recently?
Renee: How to attract them
Renee: Yes
robert: the Russian men no longer have an excuse
robert: I ho ... Read more »

Views: 1580 | Added by: Arina | Date: 29.05.2009 | Comments (0)

robert: o.k.? bye bye lovely ladies, bye bye
Arina: I will be away for two days
Renee: Okay Robert
robert: earlier I work so it is not possible
Renee: I agree
robert: so I will be back tommorrow around 8:30 and if in future there is a better time later on let me know Arina: the more truth - the more interest
Arina: no, you didn't insult anyone here:) on the contrary
robert: but only telling the truth as I see it only
Renee: I agree it has
Arina: it will be
robert: it was fun and I hope I did not insult anyone
robert: well enough for today, this has been a very good thread and I hope it gets published
robert: too bad, because just 15 years later you had the birth of 'reality t.v.'
Arina: too bad for them
robert: but they thought it much too uncoventional and never entertained it
robert: and this would do it
robert: I argued that in the end the ... Read more »

Views: 1547 | Added by: Arina | Date: 25.05.2009 | Comments (2)

Renee: Well girls I must go as well, it was great chatting with all of you!
Renee: Bye Robert! Take Care
robert: bye for now, bye
robert: well we will figure out a different time for me to be on this summer perhaps o.k.?
Anna: Pearl..!:)
Svetlana: Bye, Robert
Anna: Buy Robert!!!!!!!!
Arina: bye, bye :)))
Renee: Bye Robert!
robert: bye bye lovely ladies all, bye bye, the Morning bird doth crow upon new suns rays and I must hither before the hour grows late and the heather moves
upon the hill
Anna: Sorry Robert,i usually every evening in the training field, thats why im here rare!!!!
robert: Time is made to be Shared
robert: thank you Anna for sharing Your Time
Arina: yes!
Renee: Yes!
robert: but Pearl-Lazarus will return!
Anna: Thank You Robert for sharing Your ... Read more »

Views: 1686 | Added by: Arina | Date: 23.05.2009 | Comments (0)

Arina: Girls, I am not sure that Robert will return to the chat, maybe smth wrong with his computer, I don't know. Maybe we could postpone the chat for tomorrow?
Svetlana: Stardust and Pacessetter are Oxford edition
Arina: i see
Svetlana: I mean Cutting Edge
Svetlana: it is much better than "Stardust" and Pacessetter
Arina: I like Round up as the addition to the main course
Arina: oh, Cutting Edge is very useful
Arina: We use "Enterprise" and "Opportunities"
Svetlana: but I don't like these books, I prefer Cutting Edge
Arina: hmm.. I need to update my knowledge about the coursebooks, I've never seen such
Svetlana: I see. At the courses we use Stardust for 6-10 years old children, for teenagers we use Pacesstter
Arina: I am interested in ages 11-17
Svetlana: at the university or at the courses?
Arina: Sveta, I wanted to ask you about the coursebooks. Which on ... Read more »
Views: 674 | Added by: Arina | Date: 23.05.2009 | Comments (0)

robert: bye all, bye, blessings Tracy,Renee and Svet!!!!
Tracy: LOL
Tracy: Yeah really
Renee: LOL
robert: silly
robert: they are too concerned with Meme Cyrus or whomever
Svetlana: yes, I'll read everything about it!
Tracy: I'll look at it online
Renee: I will too
robert: the news isn't reall covering it
Tracy: Ok I will
robert: you might want to read up on it if your curious
Tracy: I know amazing
Renee: It is truly amazing!
robert: how is that possible>????
robert: that little Lemur 46 million years dead has made me smile
Tracy: Bye Robert
Svetlana: ok Renee see you! Bye!
Tracy: Ok
Renee: Bye and take care!
robert: thank Ida tonight before you go to bed
Tracy: Yes I agree
Renee: True Robert
Renee: I must be going as well girls! I will chat with you all soon!
Tracy: Bye Robert
robert: we all have stories ... Read more »

Views: 853 | Added by: Arina | Date: 21.05.2009 | Comments (0)

robert: sorry but will be back tommorrow I promise with lots of new photos and perhaps a story
robert: well time for me to leave
kaci: It's becoming more and more important to me for my children and my husband and I.
Tracy: Yes so do I
robert: avoid the sun, cigarettes and pesiticides for starters
kaci: I agree with that.
robert: in the meantime people can better inform themselves how to live healthfully nad with moderation
Renee: bye Anna
Tracy: Bye Anna
robert: and tobacco
kaci: True
robert: look at the auto industry
Anna: ok!!!Bye!!!!!!
robert: there are always obstacles
robert: yes they do
Arina: okay, Ann. Come when you can
kaci: I know this isn't the only problem, but it is one.
Anna: Thank You all,tomorrow i will be on the training field,i will not come here,but i will do what i promised to You!!
kaci: And aren't in any hurry to ... Read more »

Views: 1555 | Added by: Arina | Date: 20.05.2009 | Comments (0)

robert: but I will be back girls tommorrow at 8:30
Renee: Okay Robert we understand
Tracy: Yes me too
robert: weakwireless and may need to go
robert: I hope they give him strange stuff to do because then he could make it work
Tracy: Yes he is
robert: very focused andquite interesting
Renee: He really is
robert: and Tony is a good actor
robert: its a tough job and you have to take it seriously or it won't work
robert: I would have to be doing something else on the set to do that definitely
Tracy: yes me too
Renee: Yes mine too
Tracy: Yeah I know
robert: but how to sustain interest would be my problem
Renee: I know
robert: and they are rich
robert: its unbeleivable to me
robert: can you imagine doing this stuff day in and day out for 30 years?
Tracy: yes
Renee: He really was
robert: and he was a very fine actor when I watched hi ... Read more »
Views: 1588 | Added by: Arina | Date: 14.05.2009 | Comments (0)

robert: bye,bye all you lovely ladies, bye ,bye
Tracy: Yes
Tracy: Tes the photos and the stories
robert: see all you lovely ladies on the morrow, I am sorry that the Russian men are so shy
Arina: have a good day!
Renee: and read the stories!
Tracy: Have a great day
robert: but will be back tommorrow
Renee: Can't wait to see the photos!
Tracy: Ok Robert
robert: and people to visit etc.
Arina: okay, me too. see you tomorrow!
robert: weights to lift and photos to take and stories to write
Renee: OKay Robert, have a great day
robert: well I should be going
Arina: yes. It was not because of the cold war.
Svetlana: I agree Arina our economy and politics did their best to destroy the country
Arina: I mean couldn't survive
Renee: okay Robert
Tracy: ok sure
Arina: I think soviet Union could survive anyway. with America or without it. Th ... Read more »

Views: 1633 | Added by: Arina | Date: 14.05.2009 | Comments (0)

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