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About the site  
   Welcome all you brave and merry visitors and vagabonds across this wondrous Net. I have had the good fortune of meeting via Facebook online a lovely Russian woman who wanted to create a website for me dedicated to "Santa Barbara" and the character I played on the show, Pearl. After some hemming and hawing I consented but never thinking the process would turn out to be as fun as it has. Arina has unearthed dozens of videos for you, many of which I have not seen ever before. I thought my days in Santa Barbara were long behind me but thanks to this magnificent thing we call the Internet I have a chance to sit down and blog with you about not only the show but anything else of interest or import on your collective minds.
   I have included in the commentary on clips some side notes on the process of acting,the challenges of doing a soap, the techniques involved and of course an occasional juicy tidbit or two about the actors themselves and how we all worked together. I loved working on this show. The producers were superb and well understood that "Santa Barbara" was going to become a one and only experience of a unique nature to daytime television. It was the first in its genre to experiment with quite a bit of comedy and off beat character. This was the show's calling card. Sorry.... correct that. The real ace in the hole was the heat generated by the Cruz-Eden relationship. Those two were hands down the best couple working in the business at that time. Jill Farren Phelps, one of the producers on the show, had the insight to forsee that specialness between those two vibrant actors and she milked it for all it was worth. When they had love scenes the entire cast would often come down to the set and stand silently behind the cameras weeping, smiling and appreciating the essence of true connection and intimacy which is at the heart of all good acting and the sine qua non of great Soap.
   So please sit back,pop some popcorn in the microwave,pour a tall one and climb into the Time Machine for a journey back to a simpler and more innocent period. And when you have watched just a little I invite you to come online and tweet away on our Chat box or post an email about anything on your minds. I am facinated by many things cultural. We can talk about acting, the show, politics, love, finance or whatever. No holds barred and a good time will be had by all. It is a very small world now and its critical that we share our friendships and our love if we can. Connection is all! "The play's the Thing!" as Hamlet would say.
with warmest regards,
yours truly, Robert
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