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Post-cabin (3)
   Fun to watch this stuff and it still holds up after all this time. I like when Cruz catches me talking to myself in the hospital. Its just quirky and offbeat enough to be interesting. Joe Bottoms played the guy with the screw loose, Kirk Cranston. He had been nominated 10 years earlier for an Academy Award as best supporting actor and was a member of a distinguished family of kid actors. He had a dry and wicked sense of humor off stage and I think was only on the show for a one year contract and to make some dough. He invited me over for dinner one evening to his new home in the Hollywood Hills I think he had in mind introducing me to his x-sister-in-law who was recently divorced from one of his actor brothers, the one that played the surfer in "Apolcalypse Now", Ford Coppola's masterpiece. Well i got to talking wth her that evening about yoga since I was a practicioner at the time. She had never practiced and wanted to know more so of course I ended up standing on my head and wrapping myself into various pretzel-like positions to demonstrate.  Lo and behold I found out later that within 2 or 3 years she had not only adopted yoga as a life-long endeavor but opened her own Yoga space down in Studio City.
   The scenes that day begin to introduce the dual character of Pearl and Michael Baldwin Bradford 111, his real self. The writers had this ingenious idea to separate his Pearl-life from his Michael-life by the use of a closet. Get it? Pearl would physically 'come out of the closet 'and into his real self as Michael, a sophisticated man from a family of Eastcoast American aristocrats. It was a fun opportunity to play another character entirely the opposite in manner and attitude from the wise guy I had played everyday on the Show.
Every actor loves to have an opportunity like this when it comes along.
   Incidentally the big ring I am wearing in that scene on my index finger I picked up off a deserted beach in Kauii, Hawaii. I had a few days off and was burned out and asked A. where I should go on vacation given the situation. He said that he and his wife had just come back from Kauii and that I might like it. The next week I was on a jumbo airliner for the island. When I got there I rented a big tent and camped on the beach on the North Shore in the middle of the winter. The sunrises and sunsets were sensational and I lived like Tarzan roaming about the island shirtless and barefooted and incredibly grateful for the breathtaking beauty of the place. I never did find those brown psychedelic mushrooms that A. told me about though.
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