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Cabin (2)
   A. is genuinely excellent in this scene. He is very angry with Pearl and that generates the energy that then fuels what follows. It also adds to the Cruz-Pearl relationship and
enriches it. What friendship is ever without real confrontation and serious doubt? The
audience must come away thinking that maybe this is the end of their alliance and Cruz has had enough of this wise guy. And I think perhaps they do. Some of the staging was at times cumbersome on the show and that can't be avoided. You'll notice that i literally grab
Nancy's arm and pull her all the way around with me as I cross stage left to A. It kind of
works because the energy in the scene is racing but its a bit awkward as well. I know I was
thinking maybe it would have comic possibilities but thats not the read i have on it now.
   It brings up another theme. Always it is important when acting to find comedy in the middle
of drama and vice versa; if you are playing comedy its important to be quite serious about it and find a dramatic moment to highlight with. When women put make-up on they know to set colors around their eyes often in contrast with the rouge on their cheeks. Same in acting.
One compliments the other but they are in seeming contradiction.
   Oh and about the jewelry that Pearl wore. When we went to the Emmy's that Spring in New York
for whatever reason i was wearing that big brass bracelet at the Waldorf Astoria where the
ceremony was. I guess I was afraid that no one would recognize me without it. Stupid me.
   Well a crazed female fan actually followed me into the Mens room during the Awards and
offered in desperation to buy the bracelet right off my wrist. She wanted my pearl earring
too but I wasn't wearing it off set but only on the show. I couldn't beleive this. There I
was nearly at the urinal and caught speechless, dead in my tracks, a deer in the headlights, a motionless target, fair game and ridiculous.  Her level of committment was touching and fortunately my trousers were still well -secured.  So with all the panache I could muster I slid the bracelet off and gave it to her without batting an eyelash.But I made damn sure to lock the door behind her once she'd gone. Wow,-my first experience with fan loyalty run riot!
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